Islamic Finance international life insurance offshore funds legalization handbook British Virgin Islands Trusts International Trusts
Islamic Finance international life insurance offshore funds legalization handbook British Virgin Islands Trusts International Trusts
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Exchange Data's Closing Prices Handbook

Exchange Data's Closing Prices Handbook is a unique reference source providing detailed information on all the variations of the definition of the term “closing price” exchange by exchange.

The author, Deborah Parry, has spent over 20 years in the financial services industry having worked for Telekurs, Bridge Information Systems, Extel Financial, Waters Information and latterly as a consultant to the industry specialising in stock exchange data and compliance.

In this book, she gives a comprehensive picture of the closing prices definition around the world covering exchanges in over 100 countries, enabling more accurate analyses of securities closing prices between markets.

Author Deborah Parry states “All legislative changes implemented or announced in recent times have focussed on transparency and investor protection - transparency by institutions on the methods, processes, systems, data and strategies used in the management of client portfolios and funds and access to that information when investors require it. One area is data - is the institution using independently sourced market data to value investments and is that data being deployed in a consistent manner? Whether institutions source market data direct from exchanges or from aggregators and intermediaries, there is the potential need for the data to be explained and closing price data is an area where ambiguity and inconsistency is a common concern.

The research was undertaken to establish precisely how each exchange arrives at the end-of-day data it publishes, from what trading platforms that data is extracted as that has a bearing on methodology and to what extent, if any, the data is processed to fit the information products the exchanges wish to make available. By adopting common terms to describe how data is generated it was possible not only to compare each exchange's output but also to highlight any variations of which the institutions are unlikely to be aware. If the mechanisms are understood, pricing anomalies that can arise can often be explained or even predicted as a function of the system rather than quotations or trading activity that seem not to tally."

Available as Paperback and Ebook.

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The Chancellor Guide to the Legal and Shari'a Aspects of Islamic Finance

The Chancellor Guide to the Legal & Shari'a Aspects of Islamic Finance is the first professional reference text to focus specifically on the legal dimensions of Islamic Finance. It brings together 19 Islamic Finance legal practitioners and advisors to provide a comprehensive legal perspective on the subject.

Benefits of this Islamic Finance Reference Text:

  • Expert Coverage of the full range of Islamic Finance asset classes
  • Explanation of the crucial role of Shari'a legal opinions in Islamic Finance
  • Chapters authored by leading practitioners in their field
  • Up-to-date analysis of the principle legal debates in Islamic Finance
  • Integrated perspective across the entire Islamic Finance sector
  • Available as Paperback and Ebook

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International Life Insurance

Life insurance is a unique planning tool, enjoying extensive tax, investment, probate and political advantages in most countries of the world. Probably no other financial instrument provides so many benefits. If you operate in the international tax-planning arena, you need to understand the financial benefits international life insurance has to offer. This publication contains invaluable information on international life insurance planning for both advisers and clients.

The Chancellor Offshore Funds Manual

This practical, easy-to-read yet authoritative analysis of the contemporary offshore funds business also includes the full texts of several definitive pieces of offshore funds legislation, as well as a recent detailed statement by the US Securities and Exchange Commission on its position regarding the posting of offshore funds information on the Internet.

The International Legalization Handbook

Written in language readily understood by experts and laymen alike The International Legalization Handbook provides the solutions to such problems as those faced by UK businessmen wanting to know how to submit an agreement in a legally acceptable form for use in China, or American lawyers wanting to have documents legalised for use in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The Trident Guide To British Virgin Islands Trusts

The 2nd Edition of The Trident Guide to British Virgin Islands Trusts has been revised, updated and expanded to reflect these many legislative changes. First published in 1994, this British Virgin Islands trusts reference text immediately gained wide acceptance by practitioners and others interested in British Virgin Islands trusts law who needed a ready reference to the legislation shaping this leading offshore jurisdiction.

The Trident Practical Guide To International Trusts

This complete and detailed international trusts reference work has been compiled by professional international trusts practitioners with on-the spot experience of the statutory provisions governing international trusts establishment, administration, taxation and trust law in each of the jurisdictions covered by the Guide.