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The Trident Guide To British Virgin Islands Trusts


The Trident Guide To British Virgin Islands Trusts The long-standing attraction of the British Virgin Islands for trust advisors is linked to its pre-eminence as a leading offshore corporate domicile, its political stability, the presence of numerous trust professionals and the BVI Government's commitment to maintain a modern trust regime.

Now that status is further enhanced by the recent enactment of groundbreaking changes to the BVI's trust law. These make the BVI even more suited to the structuring needs of settlors from civil and Islamic law countries, and for the use of trusts in commercial transactions.

The recent amendments to the BVI trust legislation, together with the new Virgin Islands Special Trusts Act of 2003 (the so called VISTA legislation), have produced a code that incorporates innovative responses to many of the practical issues which the modern day trustee handles. In doing so the legislation ensures that the BVI remains at the forefront of international trust jurisdictions.

The 2nd Edition of The Trident Guide to British Virgin Islands Trusts has been revised, updated and expanded to reflect these many legislative changes. First published in 1994, this reference text immediately gained wide acceptance by practitioners and others interested in BVI trust law who required a ready reference to the legislation shaping this leading offshore jurisdiction.

This new edition is set to earn its place as an essential part of any trust advisor's library. It contains the full text of the BVI Trustee Ordinance 1961, including all amendments through 2004; the full text of VISTA; a description of the BVI, its history, constitution and laws; and a synopsis of BVI trust law.

The Trident Guide to British Virgin Islands Trusts has been prepared, in co-operation with the BVI law firm of Farara Kerins, by Trident Trust, a leading corporate and trust specialist with many year's experience working with advisers worldwide in the field of offshore trusts and international tax planning.

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