chancellor Publication

The Chancellor Offshore Funds Manual

Table of Contents
  1. The Organization of Offshore Investment Funds
    by Christopher M. Wells
  2. The Offshore Regulatory Environment
    by Paul Sedlack
  3. U.S. Regulatory and Tax Considerations for Offshore Funds
    by Mark H. Barth
  4. The Role of the Offshore Fund Administrator
    by Rick Gorter
  5. The Role of the Global Custodian and Sub Custodian
    by Francis Whelan
  6. Methods of Calculating Performance Compensation
    by Jonathan Bloom
  7. Mutual Fund Software: The Need for Efficient IT Solutions
    by Chris Higgs
  8. Choosing Hedge Funds and Measuring Performance
    by Richard Hills & Victor A. Hill
  9. Offshore Retail Funds
    by Paul Forsyth
  10. Offshore Commodity Funds: Leverage Growth
    by Susan C. Ervin
  11. An Overview of Offshore Exchanges and Listings
    by Thomas J. Karol


  1. British Virgin Islands: Mutual Funds Act 1996
  2. Bahamas: Mutual Funds Act of 1995
  3. Cayman Islands: The mutual Funds Law (1996 Revision)
  4. Bermuda: Monetary Authority (Collective Investment Scheme, Classification) Regulations 1998
  5. Bermuda: Monetary Authority Standard Schemes
  6. US Securities and Exchange Commission: Statement on the Posting of Information on Web sites by Private Companies