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The Chancellor Offshore Funds Manual

The Chancellor Offshore Funds Manual The offshore funds industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and shows little sign of slowing in a global investment environment characterised by high levels of liquidity and increasing numbers of high net worth individuals. In this growth environment fund managers, administrators and investors alike are faced by complex challenges. Fund professionals are confronted by burgeoning legislation, ever higher yield expectations, and increased competition from their peers. Investors are faced with an often bewildering choice of funds, and complex tax and funds performance issues.

Against this backdrop, Chancellor Publications has produced an up-to-date guide to the offshore funds industry, The Chancellor Offshore Funds Manual. This complete guide to the industry brings together eleven leading practitioners in their field. The result is a collection of definitive analyses of the central issues in the field of modern offshore funds management. In The Chancellor Offshore Funds Manual you'll find answers to almost every aspect of the offshore funds management industry; from fund structures, compensation agreements and performance measurement, to tax, information technology and offshore domiciles.

This practical, easy-to-read yet authoritative analysis of the contemporary offshore funds business also includes the full texts of several definitive pieces of offshore funds legislation, as well as a recent detailed statement by the US Securities and Exchange Commission on its position regarding the posting of funds information on the Internet.

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